I made a full netherite beacon in ULTRA Hardcore with bundles... (S3E8) 

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I made a full netherite beacon in ULTRA Hardcore with bundles... (S3E8)
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Hey guys! This video turned out different than I had in mind, but I had a lot of fun :D Now thanks to CORE for sponsoring this video & thanks to you guys for making this all possible! If you are interested, you can check it out using the following link → bit.ly/Core-Duckio
Twitch → www.twitch.tv/duckioftw
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Use promotion code 'Duckio' at the checkout page for 25% discount to support me! (remember to remove the default promotional code).
Editing program → Adobe Premiere Pro
Recording program → Shadowplay
Minecraft Shaders I am using with Optifine:
→ Shilders Vibrunt Shaders (Hardcore Season 1)
→ Shilders Vibrunt Default Shaderpack (Hardcore Season 2)
♫ Music ♫
→ Epidemic Sound (www.epidemicsound.com/referral/be8pae/)
(small note; if you buy a subscription on Epidemic Sound, I get a month free to use this website. That way I can keep making more awesome content for ya guys :P So if you like music AND want to support me, this is the way to do it. You MUST use my referral link: www.epidemicsound.com/referral/be8pae/ But of course, that is up to you and I love you anyways!)


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Duckio Před 3 měsíci
Hey guys! This video turned out different than I had in mind, but I had a lot of fun :D Now thanks to CORE for sponsoring this video & thanks to you guys for making this all possible! If you are interested, you can check it out using the following link → bit.ly/Core-Duckio
Tosbaağ 8-Bit
Tosbaağ 8-Bit Před měsícem
make your real life house in minecraft
ItsIxiz Před měsícem
@Josh Trash content that's could seem new to him I'm not trying to be rude but I'm just saying it could be new. :D
Josh Trash content
Josh Trash content Před měsícem
@Duckio you are aware that you could dupe in the crafting table by taking stuff out right?
ItsIxiz Před měsícem
Wait can u not multiply nether stars with bundles?
RpG_Clan Před měsícem
111th reply lmao
leon dickinson
leon dickinson Před dnem
me: thinks of subbing you: bring out IRL duck me:bing
Buster Hulthin Fyhn
Playing face reveal
Jaimon Před 4 dny
"I just did some off-camera mining"
conaert peter
conaert peter Před 5 dny
Why only 8 episodes
ToxicPandaPlayz Před 8 dny
He made a full netherite beacon but, still had a diamond shovel
Adithya krishnan G.M
Duckio: duplicating netherite WadZee: crying in pain
JAKILIP Před 13 dny
Whitch day was when you made a beacon?
Caelan Harland
Caelan Harland Před 14 dny
didn’t know you can have two elytras
Proatnothing Před 16 dny
wait how did you die
Caleb Vargas
Caleb Vargas Před 17 dny
Why are you copying wadzee
Vince Vagara
Vince Vagara Před 20 dny
Hey when u do ur sponsor thing look at the levels
Malakai Cribb
Malakai Cribb Před 20 dny
1mill special get 1k netherite ingot
ProKid 2009
ProKid 2009 Před 22 dny
Wadzee: Spends 6 MONTHS on a nether rite beacon Dukio: spends one day on a nether rite beacon Me: spends 10000 years on nethrite armor
Anonymous Před 23 dny
Imagine Duckio liked this
LeadRoleplays Před 23 dny
the didnt change the textures for the reeds just in different biomes the colors look different
Iosif Miron
Iosif Miron Před 23 dny
Do you have a duck??
Banilyn Bernardino
Banilyn Bernardino Před 24 dny
That duck is so cute
Ayush Rana 18
Ayush Rana 18 Před 24 dny
Subscribe him!!!!!!!!
Caveman Caveman
Caveman Caveman Před 25 dny
Bruh when I fight the either on bedrock he destroys everything and this one can’t even destroy 5 blocks
Ádám Torma
Ádám Torma Před 25 dny
1.17 hogy
clapxzFN Před 25 dny
*SypherPK music intensifies* 1:00
Dziugas Rimgaila
Dziugas Rimgaila Před 26 dny
Wadzee: Spends almost a year gathering netherite for a netherite beacon. Duckio: Haha bundles go brrrrrrrr.
Millie Gamer
Millie Gamer Před 26 dny
Your voice ur soooooo cute
Bobbie Riley
Bobbie Riley Před 26 dny
Got a challenge idea for your next world adventure! You can only harvest, collect or use resources from the biome type you spawn in. When traveling you cannot harvest, collect, use or keep any resources from other biome types. Items from underground mines in other biomes are exempt only if found lower than your spawn vertical coordinate. Other coordinates are not restricted. You must be at least 2 blocks under the naturally generated surface to be considered "underground" for mining purposes. Nether and End dimension are exempt from any limitations. What do you think? Want to try it out?
priyadarsini mishra
priyadarsini mishra Před 26 dny
Make all beacons in Minecraft
joseph flowers
joseph flowers Před 26 dny
wadzees netherite beacon: "am i a joke to you?"
Mac Banana
Mac Banana Před 27 dny
Ignatius Livingston Student
Wadzee va duckio FIGHT
AlanDoes Roblox
AlanDoes Roblox Před 27 dny
Woahhh this vid has 666 dislikes c00000l
KlNGDOM Před měsícem
Everyone in the comments talking about wadzee and how long it took him for his nether it’s beacon. And how duckio did it quicker?
KlNGDOM Před 27 dny
CritzZ Před 27 dny
Because if a duplicate glitch with bundles so basically infinite netherite
KlNGDOM Před měsícem
Him, I know you want to skip the next minute of this video, me, REALLY????!!!!! THANKS FOR PERMISSION!!!!!
Alice Allen-Harvey
Alice Allen-Harvey Před měsícem
you shoud have not taken advatig of a glich and a real nether rite becone is not the same becusr you did nothing and you got a nether rite becon
Amin Aouriaghel
Amin Aouriaghel Před měsícem
interesting chqllenge u hqve to choose one, 1 defeat 10 bastions. 2 kill every mob.
larixd_ Před měsícem
How did you get the 1.17 Snapshot??
hi mr
hi mr Před měsícem
Find the enchanted golden apple then dupe that
Laxmikant Shekapure
Laxmikant Shekapure Před měsícem
I like how u did bundle glitch
Kalash Agnihotri
Kalash Agnihotri Před měsícem
I like when he say freeking
Tosbaağ 8-Bit
Tosbaağ 8-Bit Před měsícem
make your own house in minecraft
Harvey Bullas
Harvey Bullas Před měsícem
That mincore looks really cool I a, going to play it
Landon Chu
Landon Chu Před měsícem
Yahya Omur
Yahya Omur Před měsícem
when i thought he was gonna do it legit ME: :l
Jyoti bhoir
Jyoti bhoir Před měsícem
Dukui play RTX Shalder
Muhammed Jibreel Mookadam
How r u playin 1.17?
Top Hat
Top Hat Před měsícem
Snapshots, java only
AbdurahimGAMING Před měsícem
Little cheater
*Wizen Edge*
*Wizen Edge* Před měsícem
Duckio I think if you should waterlog your farm water they don't freeze but I'm not sure just want to help ( :
Lion the pro 666
Lion the pro 666 Před měsícem
Wait, can’t you just duplicate the rabbit skin?
YOUR NOT GUD Před měsícem
this video was posted on my birthday
Tomasz Marfiak
Tomasz Marfiak Před měsícem
LeTs DuPe ThE bEaCoN
Jurgen Alcala
Jurgen Alcala Před měsícem
Is dat ur pet duck
Shadi Safi
Shadi Safi Před měsícem
Can mobile players play Core?
troypical Před měsícem
he just beat the system
Liam Crawford
Liam Crawford Před měsícem
He cheated in this one too bro stop it
Israel Mumba
Israel Mumba Před měsícem
get a face cam
Joshemon 360
Joshemon 360 Před měsícem
Ok COOL but why you kill baby villagers???
Julian Smith
Julian Smith Před měsícem
You know he’s a good CScamerar when he makes Sponsor enjoyable
Nino De Feo
Nino De Feo Před měsícem
Ok that ad strat with the duck was 100% effective
Bon Casaclang
Bon Casaclang Před měsícem
Do a full emerald beacon
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Před měsícem
When i see a Duck in a river Others: look there is a duck Me: Hey Duckio
Deniz Taze
Deniz Taze Před měsícem
I work for 2 years for a the same of yourz
paul's Minecraft stuff
paul's Minecraft stuff Před měsícem
hey btw he has lan open and that is how you get cheats in hardcore so just sayuiing
Ilian Gysen
Ilian Gysen Před měsícem
Het duckio the farm spawns a goor amount of MOB’s wegen u AFK they only come down when u are at the bottom
nightmare Před měsícem
He is the first to make a netherite beacon in ultra hardcord by bundles
Icraft Před měsícem
This is how i want my youtube videos to be edited but i cant relly time laps my time laps softwhere sucks
moo Před měsícem
“ is it just me or did they change the texture for the sugarcane??” me: *there is FOUR sugarcane stacked there*
Sultoni Boypochoev
Sultoni Boypochoev Před měsícem
fake it took wadzee like 6 months how in eight days
Sawyer Harris
Sawyer Harris Před měsícem
Y did u stop?
ASHEDEE Před měsícem
u can duplecate a bundle
Alex Davies
Alex Davies Před měsícem
how does the glitch work?
Alex Davies
Alex Davies Před měsícem
you could have held a dandelion and the rabbits would have ran towards you...............................................
Eren Aksoy
Eren Aksoy Před měsícem
Lol wish WadZee used this glitch too he spent a lot of time for noting
Claudio Feliciano
Claudio Feliciano Před měsícem
Use string to do wool
Yes Před měsícem
He didnt even fight wither legitelly
clevie arts
clevie arts Před měsícem
To8iáš Kr1žanský
To8iáš Kr1žanský Před měsícem
Ryan The ViVi
Ryan The ViVi Před měsícem
𝐖𝐚𝐝𝐙𝐞𝐞 𝐡𝐚𝐬 𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐭.
Wizzle Před měsícem
how are you on 1.17?
Samrat Roy
Samrat Roy Před měsícem
They are so cute baby villager
A slowbridger
A slowbridger Před měsícem
I remember when you where at 1k you’ve grown so much good job keep posting I love you man
ThatWeirdGuy Před měsícem
We have to make Wadzee watch this
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller Před měsícem
dupe enchanted golden apples
Ashmit DPro
Ashmit DPro Před měsícem
hey u were too high just be 25 blocks above the top of the farm
Darknight Zerp Mc
Darknight Zerp Mc Před měsícem
wadzee made netherite beacon in hardcore without cheating and it took him 6 months to do that ,and you cheated noob
zhouzy112 Před měsícem
yaayayaayayyaay duckio!!! the best hardcore series ever!!!!
Aden Missler
Aden Missler Před měsícem
I hope you feel good about yourself Duckio. That baby duck watching the sponsor. Was enough to make me not skip it.
Elliot YO
Elliot YO Před měsícem
Duckio, i think you should a horror minecraft map
VoidLordKing - Minecraft
VoidLordKing - Minecraft Před měsícem
13:4o terrifying :0
Osaimah Al-Tailji
Osaimah Al-Tailji Před měsícem
3QULN0X Před měsícem
Bro how wadzee took like 11 months but you on the other hand....
Shayaan Tahir
Shayaan Tahir Před měsícem
The texture of sugarcane is different in deserts, and have an even different ugly Colour in swamps
Shayaan Tahir
Shayaan Tahir Před měsícem
The time lapse music is very good, ik it is from grian s time lapse music very good!
alexx Před měsícem
what gives people feelings of power Money Status being so rich in minecraft that burning all ur diamonds that u mined because they are useeless compared to netherite
Fireant the SilkWing
Fireant the SilkWing Před měsícem
duck made me watch the sponser
BNG_apple Před měsícem
4:49 what brain cells
GAMER KING Před měsícem
14:56 that never happened
Silver null
Silver null Před měsícem
Just use a grindstone to grind the enchantment away
No no Square
No no Square Před měsícem
Wad zee never seen such bull shit before
Ztelx Před měsícem
Duckio is the only person to make ads interesting
dogeris gejmrův
dogeris gejmrův Před měsícem
How you can heve 1.17?🤣🤣🤣🤔
Zombs National Championships
Wadzee: finally a worthy appoint
Dragon0947 Před měsícem
Our battle will be *lenegdary*
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