How long can I survive in a deserted hardcore world? (Day 1-50) 

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How long can I survive in a deserted hardcore world? (Day 1-50)
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Editing program → Adobe Premiere Pro
Recording program → Shadowplay
Minecraft Shaders I am using with Optifine:
→ Shilders Vibrunt Shaders (Hardcore Season 1)
→ Shilders Vibrunt Default Shaderpack (Hardcore Season 2)
♫ Music ♫
→ Epidemic Sound (www.epidemicsound.com/referral/be8pae/)


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13. 01. 2021





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Duckio Před měsícem
If you liked this video, you can watch part 2 right here! cscamera.info/market/g2jZg7igeMiW1JQ/video&ab_channel=Duckio
Kaden Zheng
Kaden Zheng Před 15 dny
25:10 How Did You Rengenerite Health When That Creeper Exploded?
Kaden Zheng
Kaden Zheng Před 15 dny
24:25 You Said Theres 5 Days Left Theres Only 4
Wyatt S
Wyatt S Před 21 dnem
Liz Vittone
Liz Vittone Před 24 dny
Can u make a 100 days in the nether?
Tim O Mahony
Tim O Mahony Před 28 dny
U can make a boat out of the wood from the minechaft
EmKeyBi Gaming
EmKeyBi Gaming Před 5 hodinami
Lol Duckio got a bed on day 11 in a deserted world while I got a bed in like day 40 in skyblock XD
ky kim
ky kim Před 11 hodinami
can you just mine stone with the golden pickaxe and use the stone to make a pickaxe and mine the iron ore
HAPPY KUMAR Před 13 hodinami
i know how he made this by just stop the world generaton at 3rd stage where the only stone is generated
Olivia Woods
Olivia Woods Před 17 hodinami
How did you do this????????????it's impossible!!!!!!!
Vagelis pann
Vagelis pann Před 20 hodinami
did anyone heard the aaah in the back 22:49
Banissa Dahnou
Banissa Dahnou Před dnem
Why you stoped doing memes ;(
Utthej J
Utthej J Před dnem
Throwbacks Před dnem
This is the first vid I saw and it deserved a sub!
Throwbacks Před dnem
Such a good idea!
katrina usana
katrina usana Před 2 dny
U need a shovel and wood to make a boat 😊😊😊😊
Roslyn Madura
Roslyn Madura Před 3 dny
Oof this guy doesn’t know that you need a shovel to make a boat
Jackson DeLong
Jackson DeLong Před 3 dny
Me to
Piotr Suminski
Piotr Suminski Před 3 dny
Amazing montage
Sam Reilly
Sam Reilly Před 4 dny
That house looks like mumbo jumbo’s starter house in hermitcraft
E J Před 4 dny
let's get him to 1 million subs
ItzAngelaPlayz _UwU
Ducki. U need to go back to de mineshaft and mine those wooden floors in order to craft a boat- And also to craft a boat it requires a wooden shovel-
Gerard Andre Pueblo
I almost cried when you killed the zombie villager
Great Salma
Great Salma Před 6 dny
Day tree yup differently not three
Navneet Meena
Navneet Meena Před 6 dny
And also face reveal 🤨
Navneet Meena
Navneet Meena Před 6 dny
Please start survival series
AT Gamer
AT Gamer Před 6 dny
Ur a duck you should just swim
Sarah Fawcett
Sarah Fawcett Před 6 dny
your the best gamer
Shirlene Peck
Shirlene Peck Před 7 dny
you need a shovel to make a boat
Beverly Wenger-Trayner
Quit u tube
a2s_hoopa Před 11 dny
day 30 lvl 30 LMAO
NEO Sw3at
NEO Sw3at Před 13 dny
duckio i want the mods you used psl
Lopez-morfin Christian
Dude you need a wooden shovel to make a boat not just wood and yes you could have made a boat
Daniel Romero
Daniel Romero Před 15 dny
i love it that he always makes his houses so modern and beautiful
Madison Bremmer
Madison Bremmer Před 15 dny
VincentDaPro Před 15 dny
Fun fact: mineshafts exist
Mahatsangy Razafi
Mahatsangy Razafi Před 15 dny
Pog man, you found diamonds under DIRT
Mahatsangy Razafi
Mahatsangy Razafi Před 15 dny
Pog man, you found diamonds under DIRT
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera Před 16 dny
I thought that this was a hardcore Minecraft but shouldn’t you have lost health when you were hungry?
AdamDobry9 Před 16 dny
11:17 always mine dirt :Ph1lza
AmIAJoke ToYou?
AmIAJoke ToYou? Před 17 dny
He didnt get bedrock
Lizzy Corcoran
Lizzy Corcoran Před 17 dny
One question why not eat rotten flash for food
Madison Bremmer
Madison Bremmer Před 17 dny
Eight 200 days of this hard-core Minecraft
Flurrless Fox
Flurrless Fox Před 17 dny
CC Skov
CC Skov Před 17 dny
vood XD
Noice Wow
Noice Wow Před 18 dny
What is this seed NANI
Villager #3
Villager #3 Před 18 dny
You sound exactly like GOOSIEST
Sive Před 18 dny
hello niall
You need a shovel for bout now i think
Silky milky
Silky milky Před 19 dny
mr. korics
mr. korics Před 20 dny
Im so inlove with your cute voice!!🥰
Zaf Před 20 dny
Wait this is duckio? Last time I watched him he used Steve with shades as his skin and the shaders he is using gives him low FPS and now he has high FPS with the shaders
Lowan Thomas
Lowan Thomas Před 20 dny
You need a shovel to make a boat now
Pizza Boey
Pizza Boey Před 20 dny
But you can’t make it with warped wood :/
Elna Lobrio
Elna Lobrio Před 21 dnem
CuriouSaurus YT
CuriouSaurus YT Před 21 dnem
What is this biome called? Edit: Found it it’s: Minecraft:stone_shore :D
Roman Sawicki
Roman Sawicki Před 21 dnem
Eat rotten flesh
rezy gallego
rezy gallego Před 21 dnem
when you said really big tall one i said thats what she said
Evander Costa
Evander Costa Před 22 dny
only in Minecraft
xXLilly456Xx Před 22 dny
They say 🌳 instead of three Haha nice prank im laughing so hard
Dumb Cyborg
Dumb Cyborg Před 22 dny
Dude u could have saved a lot of time by making a shear and shearing the cobweb. Cobweb in crafting table give u 9 strings
Camy Chelaru
Camy Chelaru Před 23 dny
I just realized something- Are there any fish in the water?-
Connor Logsdon
Connor Logsdon Před 23 dny
You can eat rotten flesh that’s what I do even if I have cooked food because I forget I have cooked food
Dave Rodkewich
Dave Rodkewich Před 23 dny
Ur mouse is so satisfying to hear
Matej Derlink
Matej Derlink Před 23 dny
27:13 that arrow is on the wrong place :)
Dumb Editer
Dumb Editer Před 23 dny
Your so lucky I can’t Even survive normally wtf
Rajesh Mahapatra
Rajesh Mahapatra Před 24 dny
If u want to keep hoglins away or having easier time killing them just place a warped fungus and hoglins hate warped gus
houžvička Před 24 dny
In minecraft could add furnace efficiency enchant as if you dig up iron and he burns it hneed as if you drop out an ingot and no ore so yeah in 1.18.1 maybe
Kovo Valos
Kovo Valos Před 24 dny
i feel like you are the type of guy that belongs to dream SMP no matter what
Gold mine stone and now mine iron
Umar Nath
Umar Nath Před 24 dny
You can bone meal dirt to get grass
Love your vid first time watching you keep up the good work
melissa wagner
melissa wagner Před 24 dny
Tess Greene
Tess Greene Před 24 dny
i was like him and i was trying for hours to make a portal with crying obsidian
Cătălin 10
Cătălin 10 Před 24 dny
You are the best youtuber !!🤙🤙
MARIA RIMIKI ,chios Před 25 dny
Day tree wasnt with three
Trishnagni's sweet magic world
U are better than pewdiepie man!
Paul Nguyen
Paul Nguyen Před 25 dny
Minecraft😎😎😎 hardcore🤨🤨🤨
Sebastian Animations and video
How do you get this generation
Someone Před 25 dny
9:58 song name?
sasikumar kanakaraj
sasikumar kanakaraj Před 25 dny
When nether is better than the overworld
Učiteljica Ana
Učiteljica Ana Před 26 dny
this is just like badlands but witout wood
Акакий Пафнутьев
Gimme ur seed bruh
Mirko Tamburrini
Mirko Tamburrini Před 26 dny
Eat rotten flesh
Jodem Jarabelo
Jodem Jarabelo Před 26 dny
why didnt you use your gold pickaxe for stone
NotJay Před 26 dny
And he can just bone meal the dirt for grass block and seeds
NotJay Před 26 dny
17:31 just skipping the lapis
Senen Avenido
Senen Avenido Před 26 dny
Duckio: oh second seed Me: third
Vincent Gaming
Vincent Gaming Před 26 dny
If no structures are generated how come there an "abandoned mineshaft"
Your local source of memes
22:23 SUS 😳😳😳😳😳
nuel gaming
nuel gaming Před 27 dny
Can u just craft a diamond sword
Emna Daly
Emna Daly Před 27 dny
to make a boat you need the normal recipe and a shovel in the high middle
John Leonard
John Leonard Před 27 dny
Said can't get iron from gold pick but he can mine cobblestone with it
Lanz Logan Pascual
Lanz Logan Pascual Před 27 dny
to make a boat
Lanz Logan Pascual
Lanz Logan Pascual Před 27 dny
You just need 5 wood and in the middle 1 shovel
Srish Thatipally
Srish Thatipally Před 27 dny
he actually forgot about mineshaft
Denzel Catipay
Denzel Catipay Před 27 dny
day 7 be like: z😑
jamil gill
jamil gill Před 27 dny
Aleksandar P. Milosavljevic
Did u find netherite btw im currently watching this video day 30 its interesting 😁
Vinod Mathew
Vinod Mathew Před 27 dny
I think I like it too
omar ahmed
omar ahmed Před 27 dny
I know that some didint notice the 'oak boat"
Martim Games
Martim Games Před 28 dny
One direction kkkkkkk😂
Fico Plays
Fico Plays Před 28 dny
Actually fun to watch
Vihaan Vora
Vihaan Vora Před 28 dny
which shaders do u use? it's amazing!
Premalatha Rajendran
This many time he told are u serious??? 👇👇
Jelyn solatorio
Jelyn solatorio Před 28 dny
I can't stop laugh To The nether Portal
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