How long can I survive in a deserted hardcore world? (Day 51-100) 

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How long can I survive in a deserted hardcore world? (Day 51-100)
Twitch → www.twitch.tv/duckioftw
Second Channel 'Quack' → cscamera.info/wine/aMU4ZG8X-MdHEhXoEC-tlA.html
DuckCraft Minecraft Server IP → mc.ducc.gg
DuckCraft Store → store.duckcraft.io
DuckCraft Discord server → discord.gg/bJhwVVr
Official Partner of Skynode Server Hosting! You want to host an awesome Minecraft server with friends or maybe even a professional server? I suggest you check out Skynode → billing.skynode.pro/link.php?id=6
Use promotion code 'Duckio' at the checkout page for 25% discount to support me! (remember to remove the default promotional code).
Editing program → Adobe Premiere Pro
Recording program → Shadowplay
Minecraft Shaders I am using with Optifine:
→ Shilders Vibrunt Shaders (Hardcore Season 1)
→ Shilders Vibrunt Default Shaderpack (Hardcore Season 2)
♫ Music ♫
→ Epidemic Sound (www.epidemicsound.com/referral/be8pae/)


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madhavi k
madhavi k Před 6 hodinami
Hold up . . . how did he travel back to his base with a BOAT?
Xavier Lacombe
Xavier Lacombe Před 11 hodinami
21:42 Sorry but no, go watch the video of Wattles ! He explains the difference very well. Otherwise, I loved it's two videos, so continues !
Tin Wint Wint Zaw
And i like your vids:)
Tin Wint Wint Zaw
Hey duckio play minecraft baby mode
Leandro Rosa
Leandro Rosa Před dnem
make a sword with sweeping edge for the skeletons
alessandro musolino
nice vid please make another one
TSM Duck
TSM Duck Před 3 dny
Another another anotheeeeerrrrrrrrr
susan site
susan site Před 3 dny
And also can you tell me the how do you on the sound description
susan site
susan site Před 3 dny
How your torch glow in your left hand
Muffin Boii
Muffin Boii Před 3 dny
How are you gonna repair your elytra
Milani Hernandez
Milani Hernandez Před 3 dny
Wow this looks hard and COOL!!!!
boku wa tobi
boku wa tobi Před 4 dny
Enchant ur shield
Yaeh boy
Yaeh boy Před 4 dny
Amazing video
Robbie Mac
Robbie Mac Před 4 dny
Your my favourite youtuber
EVELINA Evelina Před 5 dny
Ducky love your vids u realy could be a speed runner. Try joining dream smp .haahahha(NO JOKE)
Marjorie Amit
Marjorie Amit Před 5 dny
I like your videos your voice is so calm I like that
WooIcyy Před 6 dny
could you put the shaders link
Sarah Fawcett
Sarah Fawcett Před 6 dny
i love your hadcore wolds
Luke Pantelli
Luke Pantelli Před 6 dny
1:54 lol
Lereez Meyer
Lereez Meyer Před 7 dny
Kinda bothers me how u say iron but it's also kinda cute
Elias Absalonsen
Elias Absalonsen Před 9 dny
I hope you wont die, cause i love this serie aready
TwiletPaypa Před 10 dny
Can you tell me the seed
Lulu yuyu
Lulu yuyu Před 11 dny
Whats the shader?
Elijah Silva
Elijah Silva Před 13 dny
I love your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Guillaume Arnould
Guillaume Arnould Před 13 dny
Imagine finding or trading a grass block and then revive the world.
Kidos gra w gry
Kidos gra w gry Před 14 dny
What is this shaders?
BreadZa_GamingBD Před 14 dny
Kinda cute tho 🥰 8:25 hello there saying to a magma ice cream
Mr. Chain
Mr. Chain Před 14 dny
Won't there be video from day 101 to 150?
amongxia bmgo
amongxia bmgo Před 15 dny
Ey broo ive been watching ur vids from ur start i see ur skin changed from steve rich and now a teen yellow jacket skin
Martin_ 2912
Martin_ 2912 Před 16 dny
17:27 Me laughing nervously in bedrock edition😂
Jacer Flitton
Jacer Flitton Před 16 dny
Make A 100 -??????? Days!!!!!
make a sword
Nia Blackwell
Nia Blackwell Před 16 dny
Gino Angelicola
Gino Angelicola Před 17 dny
I love your videos
Gino Angelicola
Gino Angelicola Před 17 dny
Da Crazy PoTaTo
Da Crazy PoTaTo Před 17 dny
Where did you get the oak boat??
Mrkleo Reglos
Mrkleo Reglos Před 17 dny
I love your vids😍 your voice is so relaxing to hear unlike others so loud Can you reply to me? 😭😭
Jesse Anderson
Jesse Anderson Před 17 dny
Duckio is one of the best hardcore players.
Jhonjay Ponpon
Jhonjay Ponpon Před 18 dny
Make a world download
Only Insaan
Only Insaan Před 18 dny
hyow he craft boat
Michael Angelo Bahian
Episode 3
Henlo Chimken
Henlo Chimken Před 18 dny
one time I was looking for diamonds to go to the nether, it took 3 mc days I was looking for iron for an anvil to put mending on my diamond pickaxe, I FOUND HALF A STACK OF DIAMONDS IN ONE F***ING DAY
Cameron McKay
Cameron McKay Před 18 dny
The One And Only Peashooter Fan 100
11:50 Ducking:feels good Also ducking * crashes into wall *
Isaiah Hamblin
Isaiah Hamblin Před 19 dny
keep this world alive!!
Uniturtle Gaming
Uniturtle Gaming Před 19 dny
20:20 cave update?
Pyrowolf3441 Před 19 dny
plz continue this series
Pyrowolf3441 Před 19 dny
Duckio: survives 100 days in hardcore deserted world. Me: dies the first cave I go into in a perfectly safe plains biome
Munesh Kumar
Munesh Kumar Před 19 dny
Nice shader
Starlight UwU
Starlight UwU Před 19 dny
Netherite in subtitles:net teabyte Piglins:picklings
Qing Xing Chen
Qing Xing Chen Před 20 dny
Oy if it's real in real life I will go here Then take dimons
Ayan Gaming
Ayan Gaming Před 20 dny
Lilibeth Ur-rehman
Lilibeth Ur-rehman Před 21 dnem
I'm waiting
Ester í Lág
Ester í Lág Před 21 dnem
This guy really made 4 diamond pickaxes so far??!?!!?? Why?! 😂😂😂😂
T&M Talks
T&M Talks Před 21 dnem
he disserves to be the best Minecraft player agree with me
Drue Před 21 dnem
Yes you are right about finding more diamonds
Evander Costa
Evander Costa Před 22 dny
is in Minecraft
LemonBoyy Uwu
LemonBoyy Uwu Před 22 dny
9:25 how did he got that B0at?
M.S animations
M.S animations Před 22 dny
Day 80 you were 30 day 85 ur 26 wtf
Andrzej Kozłowski
Andrzej Kozłowski Před 22 dny
07:07 hM LeTS grInD fOR sOmE moRE arRoWS
Ayan 7 th c
Ayan 7 th c Před 22 dny
Part 3 fast I am waiting
Queenie Chang
Queenie Chang Před 23 dny
You are pro
Leslie Luu
Leslie Luu Před 23 dny
I read the “if you read this your cool” thing so I guess I’m cool
The Viper
The Viper Před 23 dny
Ep3 plsss your fans love this series and keep up the good work duckio
Dreamcrafter 745
Dreamcrafter 745 Před 23 dny
How does one generate a world like this? I'm thinking of trying my luck at this myself...
Roshan Singh
Roshan Singh Před 23 dny
How you made smithing table it need oak log and iron to craft it where have you found that thingi boy???
Manu Pratap Singh
Manu Pratap Singh Před 24 dny
it is not desert
Antolin Jerome malones
Onother 100 days pls 😇🙏🙏
Ahmed Abdinur
Ahmed Abdinur Před 24 dny
1.17 came early at 20:02 lol.
G1VetOps Před 24 dny
What if you did this but with NO LAND! You would still be able to complete these same challenges, but you would just be in the ocean the whole time. I think it would be really fun to make and watch.
birdking Před 24 dny
where is the emotion in your voice so calming
gamingforever Před 24 dny
duck: survives 100 days in hardcore in a mountain biome me: cant even survive 10 days in hardcore
Eric John Banares
Eric John Banares Před 23 dny
Rey Carreno Bautista
11:07 ha ha!
Rey Carreno Bautista
10:37 it was so cool like dream
Kiwi Pog_
Kiwi Pog_ Před 24 dny
I like your voice idk why but hearing it makes me happy
Quentin Quion
Quentin Quion Před 25 dny
Nice video how do you get that i wanna try that world? and btw I LIKE YO CUT G btw sub and like and comment and make sure you hit that bell button noice E.
Hamza Iftikhar
Hamza Iftikhar Před 25 dny
New 200 ep
EthanCoolGaming Před 25 dny
Did anybody else notice when his first pearl broke it turned into a stick
godishala anuradha
godishala anuradha Před 25 dny
another 200 video plss
godishala anuradha
godishala anuradha Před 25 dny
do u know if u silk touch that ingot block thingy and melt it u will get an gold
Ryan Logan
Ryan Logan Před 25 dny
GO DUCKIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Asymmetrical Před 26 dny
O Patinho :0
O Patinho :0 Před 26 dny
Hello (⌐■-■)
Emjay Covita
Emjay Covita Před 26 dny
When you were all inchanted I was saying "you do be looking shiny do" you were so shiny 🤩🤩🤩
Candice Laurel
Candice Laurel Před 24 dny
NotJay Před 26 dny
And he can just bone meal the dirt for grass block and seeds
Lilibeth Ur-rehman
Lilibeth Ur-rehman Před 26 dny
150 days please i am waiting Dukito please
Valerie Beaudoin
Valerie Beaudoin Před 26 dny
1:54 I’m cool 😎
DMasterpiece Před 26 dny
Make more fun vids even though my first time I watch u
Shannon The Gamer
Shannon The Gamer Před 26 dny
Prismlike Před 26 dny
me with my full netherite beacon watching Duckio build a beacon with iron and gold and some diamonds. Me: lol he doesn't know how to grind.
Yohan Perez
Yohan Perez Před 26 dny
Duckio ur the best hardcore man u are the best youtuber
Mohammed Ennaceur
Mohammed Ennaceur Před 26 dny
Duvoyplay cool
Duvoyplay cool Před 26 dny
Duvoyplay coolplayx
savage pomp
savage pomp Před 26 dny
savage pomp
savage pomp Před 26 dny
minimizing solonzo
minimizing solonzo Před 26 dny
The audio is funny it's look like you eat 😅😅😅
Gaz Mez73
Gaz Mez73 Před 27 dny
200 days pls
Gemma Escamilla
Gemma Escamilla Před 27 dny
Hi I'm new nice vidio so you have new subscriber
Zan Phan
Zan Phan Před 27 dny
mine nether gold ore = silk touch then smelt it (you get 1 gold bar) Instead Of Tons Silly Nugget 😰😰😰
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