I mined 25,000 blocks in a straight line and found this... (S2E58) 

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I mined 25,000 blocks in a straight line and found this... (S2E58)
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Recording program → Shadowplay
Minecraft Shaders I am using with Optifine:
→ Shilders Vibrunt Shaders (Hardcore Season 1)
→ Shilders Vibrunt Default Shaderpack (Hardcore Season 2)
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(small note; if you buy a subscription on Epidemic Sound, I get a month free to use this website. That way I can keep making more awesome content for ya guys :P So if you like music AND want to support me, this is the way to do it. You MUST use my referral link: www.epidemicsound.com/referral/be8pae/ But of course, that is up to you and I love you anyways!)


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25. 09. 2020





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Duckio Před 5 měsíci
Hello lovely breathtaking person! Hope you enjoyed this video, I am going to stream on twitch now: www.twitch.tv/duckioftw you better follow :)
Eloa Gaming
Eloa Gaming Před 6 hodinami
Duckio you missed diamonds at 2.9
Eloa Gaming
Eloa Gaming Před 6 hodinami
You missed diamonds in the water lol
Marilyn Gomes
Marilyn Gomes Před 12 dny
Pls ⁹
George M Conde
George M Conde Před 18 dny
Why do people not use fortune on diamonds?
Rottweiler dog Ammo R
Eloa Gaming
Eloa Gaming Před 6 hodinami
You missed diamonds in the water
countre widrick
countre widrick Před 18 hodinami
Who else saw them diamonds in the water
GreeTooksHD Před dnem
Technicly he mined 50.000 blocks :v always 2 to get 1+ on the x coordinate :v Means he could have stopped by x: 12.500 blocks ;-;
Simon Mason
Simon Mason Před dnem
You missed diamonds where you got water
Ippo Před 2 dny
6:40 duckio hacks CONFIRMED!?!?!!!
STEVE NUMBER 2 Před 2 dny
I saw diamonds when his at the water
Joispa Pejk
Joispa Pejk Před 2 dny
2:10 diamonds be like : Am I a joke to you???
Mommy Mia
Mommy Mia Před 2 dny
U missed diamonds in the water cave
Tarek Aboushalih
Tarek Aboushalih Před 2 dny
Why is he minding diamonds with silk touch?
Among Lucas
Among Lucas Před 2 dny
Mines so much he gets to the farther lands
Amang Warnet
Amang Warnet Před 3 dny
2:09 There is a diamonds
Michelle Moser
Michelle Moser Před 3 dny
preimmerr Před 3 dny
why the fuck he throw the diamond in lava? thats a fricking wasteeeee
Lord FN
Lord FN Před 3 dny
You have missed at the beginning diamonds in the water lul
PsychoFN Před 3 dny
2:09 he walked right past diamonds
Tales Před 3 dny
i get more excited about diamonds than netherite is there something wrong with me?
Xx-Star-Shine-xX Yt
He just cut it to x-ray for dimonds and mined to them no hate lol
Vizion_ Airtox1
Vizion_ Airtox1 Před 3 dny
Can we just appreciate how long he took to edit this
YoungKid reflect
YoungKid reflect Před 3 dny
that music is so loud
Molly Phillips
Molly Phillips Před 4 dny
5:42 he just went on google
Miles Redmond
Miles Redmond Před 4 dny
take a shot every time he uses a dead meme
Aaron Rappl
Aaron Rappl Před 4 dny
Yo in the water at begin Was diamonds too
Skyverse Space
Skyverse Space Před 4 dny
xdogman10 Před 4 dny
did this man really miss diamonds
jack clyne
jack clyne Před 5 dny
u missed diamonds at the begging when. u were in the water
Jill Urbon
Jill Urbon Před 5 dny
At 2:09 u missed diamonds
Myles Gaming Poppie :D
Representation of my trying to find diamonds Disclaimer! I found only one vane of 8 diamonds me sad
The_baseball _finatic
N0bl Gold
N0bl Gold Před 5 dny
2:40 WAIT WHAT he mined the diamonds and he got the same block!!!
Aidan Badger
Aidan Badger Před 5 dny
Why does he not mine the diamonds with Fortune pickaxe
Snad Před 5 dny
Ice rock
It’s Emmett
It’s Emmett Před 6 dny
James Dougan
James Dougan Před 6 dny
At th water were he says he forgot water bucket
James Dougan
James Dougan Před 6 dny
He went pat diamonds
Buzrq Před 6 dny
Bro he literally walked past diamonds in that water pit
Archie Gwilliam
Archie Gwilliam Před 6 dny
You missed diamonds in the under water cave on the top right corner of your screen lol
Seymore Buts
Seymore Buts Před 6 dny
did he not find his first diamonds at 2:10
Seymore Buts
Seymore Buts Před 6 dny
Wait I’m stupid
꧁༺ RØNIT ༻꧂
after completing 25000 block he will be back and took diamonds
hufflepuff #3008
hufflepuff #3008 Před 6 dny
3:09 rip headphone users lol
judy shi
judy shi Před 6 dny
Missed diamond at 2:07
[GACHA MEMES] Před 6 dny
2:09 there are diamonds that you didn’t see bro
_ Mr.creeper gaming
Tbh honest your pretty underated for how good u are
_ Mr.creeper gaming
Cross out honest one of them
SS-Preston Před 6 dny
You missed diamonds
Luka Rakos
Luka Rakos Před 6 dny
1:15 kinda sus bro
Luka Rakos
Luka Rakos Před 6 dny
Look in the chat
awuus tv
awuus tv Před 6 dny
Nice video :)
Boggzs Před 7 dny
Duki: talks about the mining Nobody: THE MONTAGE MUSIC
Chroma Cyclo
Chroma Cyclo Před 7 dny
2:09 was that on purpose where u missed dos diamonds?
YiohanGabrielle L. Abero
I miss this world bcuz he died
Luxa Ortho
Luxa Ortho Před 7 dny
Tah mdodjwickskhd ejjfb jehsiqo
Killercutter Před 7 dny
5:40 infinite torch
Chrisliebigmtb CLM
Chrisliebigmtb CLM Před 7 dny
You missed diamonds at 2:10
MaiCloud Před 7 dny
Did me really just dig pass some diamonds .-.
king_slayergasdo Před 7 dny
anybody notice how he passed diamonds at 2:10
jill vega
jill vega Před 7 dny
Mised dimond at 2:10
RiverSauce Před 7 dny
Missed diamonds at 2:10 dunno if that was on purpose or not
Watermelony Před 7 dny
ZeloOnTop Před 7 dny
2:08 top right
Maverick Před 7 dny
2:09 My dude forgot some diamonds.
tom rabbani
tom rabbani Před 8 dny
this is where a lot of us discovered the great channel that is Duckio
Kweepe Před 8 dny
2030: today i am mining to the world border!
hufflepuff #3008
hufflepuff #3008 Před 6 dny
Christopher Soper
Christopher Soper Před 8 dny
at 2:08 there was literally diamonds at the top right of his screen
Florie Labor
Florie Labor Před 8 dny
You missed the diamonds when you were drowning
Joshua Gabrelo
Joshua Gabrelo Před 8 dny
I sea a diamond in his first in the tunnel when she says he forgot the water
Gwel '-'
Gwel '-' Před 8 dny
2:08 there is diamond in your right, are you missed, or just passing by
TheEasterBunn y
TheEasterBunn y Před 8 dny
He passed the diamonds- look in the top right corner it's Edit: right here 2:09
Sean Bryan
Sean Bryan Před 8 dny
When you pass diamond at 2:10
koxy Maksa
koxy Maksa Před 8 dny
When you just started mining there was diamonds there ur blind??
Phuny Před 8 dny
2:09 he went right passed diamonds
Mr. Hoverop
Mr. Hoverop Před 8 dny
i dare you to walk all the way back through the tunnel and find all the diamonds you missed
Sammi Zheng
Sammi Zheng Před 8 dny
me thinking found diamonds at 2:09 and just continued LOL
Brian Gaming
Brian Gaming Před 9 dny
How did you miss this there is diamonds right there
Brian Gaming
Brian Gaming Před 9 dny
You miss diamonds
Brian Gaming
Brian Gaming Před 9 dny
You Minecraft diamonds
ItzD3mOYT _
ItzD3mOYT _ Před 9 dny
I saw diamond at the begging
Valentin Geysel
Valentin Geysel Před 9 dny
Can you make a hardcoreworld in flatland? I know my english isn't good:)
Piaiya Bp
Piaiya Bp Před 9 dny
Extraterrestrial Před 9 dny
Padmini Mohanan
Padmini Mohanan Před 10 dny
We don't care meme is aswone I will die of laughing
Dylan Matoian
Dylan Matoian Před 10 dny
2:11 diamonds 💎
Tal Ben-David
Tal Ben-David Před 10 dny
I love you duckio
Ethan Venegas
Ethan Venegas Před 10 dny
Do the some but in the nether
Omid Jahanbakhsh
Omid Jahanbakhsh Před 10 dny
he passed diamonds 2:08
Sleeqy Dreamy
Sleeqy Dreamy Před 11 dny
I got tired from watching this
Alexander Nasrallah
Alexander Nasrallah Před 11 dny
U published this 1 day before my bday 💙
I like Food
I like Food Před 11 dny
You skipped Diamond
Hazardar Gamer 2.0
Hazardar Gamer 2.0 Před 11 dny
Netherite is always best Just kidding DIAMONDS😎😎😎😎😎
Debra Warren
Debra Warren Před 11 dny
He passed diamonds in the water cave
Jill Johnson
Jill Johnson Před 11 dny
2:09 triggers me look in corner
Addyson Stock
Addyson Stock Před 11 dny
2:08 There's diamonds on the right
Minecraft-robloxion 1589
In the water when you were mining at the start in the top right corner there are diamonds very soon after you said i do want some gold tho
joseluis garcia
joseluis garcia Před 11 dny
im pretty confused I thought when you mined diamonds you get the actual diamond not the ore
Clarifi Před 11 dny
Wait a minute, this is fake or is this sarcastic? It literally says at 1:14 in chat: "You have no home bed or charged respawn anchor, or it was obstructed" So that can only mean he died after his bed was broken or obstructed. But he's in hardcore so he would have to delete the world...... Edit: I looked it up, if you save your life with totem, that message doesn't display.
Sean Medina
Sean Medina Před 11 dny
Bro h9w did he get diamond ore????"????
Simple Frxit
Simple Frxit Před 11 dny
That’s not mining in a straight line you cant mine the things on the side or down or up.
Camilla Mahmoud
Camilla Mahmoud Před 11 dny
Awesome dude!
Gary Bowman
Gary Bowman Před 11 dny
Me hope u have mending
Anthany De Sousa
Anthany De Sousa Před 11 dny
2:09 he missed diamonds
Strawberry co•
Strawberry co• Před 11 dny
We all love emeralds
Strawberry co•
Strawberry co• Před 11 dny
Helps ya trade for a lot :>
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